The f-word

It’s weird how in our hyper-connected societies, where those with access to internet are just a click away from knowledge, people don’t know a thing about feminism. It’s tiring and extremely boring listening to all these ignorant and ridiculous comments about “feminist hating men” or feminism being the reverse of machismo (which exists, of course, and in Spanish is called hembrismo).

Even women who are clearly and beyond doubt feminists wouldn’t dare to openly call themselves so. Feminism is a bad word, an insult, a shame.

Ok, let’s revise the very basics: Feminism is a critical philosophy that states, pursuit and promotes equity between people, between human beings, between women and men. But also wants to vindicate women themselves, for centuries (and still now) degraded in comparison with men. There’s a condensed feminist slogan that resumes everything:

 Feminism is the radical notion that women are people 

The phrase is attributed to Cheris Kramarae, main theorist of the Muted Group Theory, a feminist and cross-cultural theory within anthropological studies that analyses and explains communication patterns and social representation of non-dominant cultural groups such as women and other majorities (usually called “minorities”).

Don’t you think women are people? Don’t you think women are human beings and, as such, entitled with human rights? Don’t you consider women to have better purposes in life than being likeable or not to men?

Are you really NOT a feminist?


Una respuesta a “The f-word

  1. Once when I told an coworker at my old job that I was a feminist, she (yes a woman) exclaimed (in spanish); putas feministas, they don´t want women to be feminine!!! And then she just left.
    Some people are just immune to knowledge, and instead they just tend to rely on the stereotypes depicted by Hollywood. It´s exhausting trying to explain to these people that the basics of feminism is that we just want to be treated like human beings, we want equality not a matriarchal society.


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