Yesterday I wrote a post (in Spanish) on Spaniard advertisement agencies representing the ‘new feminism’. To make the long story short, six different agencies presented a poster and I commented them according to my ‘feminist glasses’. Advertisement being one of the bastions of symbolic violence against women, objectification of women, sexism and patriarchy is not a very novel idea and I have learnt not to pay too much attention to it, otherwise criticizing it would be the only thing I would do in life. Something multimedia feminist artist Kara Passey captured brilliantly in this drawing.

But then I just saw this post on Facebook from a German Werbeagentur, DOJO, and since I don’t want to ‘spoil’ the post of whoever found it so funny, here I am again.

ImageGranted, the idea might be good (except for the Italic, which just doesn’t work for me), but why on the expense on women? Specially, I find the stereotype of black ‘obese’ women harmful. It’s like a subtle message that ‘black is not beautiful’. And I am not saying one cannot be fat and beautiful, because of course one can (and many women actually do)! But taking into consideration the ridiculous representation of the Ariels on the left (a very disproportionate and unnatural body, have to say), the difference strikes like enormous and kind of grotesque.

Why calling it “Ariel Brotherhood” instead of “Ariel Sisterhood” will always remain a mystery for me.

Go to the agency website, and check out how the (4) women (out of 13 people) are portrayed. Then enter the site and check out the ‘sponsor ads’ at your right. Patriarchy at its best.



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